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  •  SAT JUNE 16, 2018 5:30 P.M.
    Moulin Montalvo
    A Gala Night in Montmartre

    For one spectacular soirée, Montalvo goes back in time to transform into a sensational cabaret! Mingle with artists and can-can dancers. Savor sumptuous cuisine by Le Papillon, paired with Champagne ...

  • Salsa Night WED JUNE 27, 2018 6 P.M. (Charmaine's Garden Terrace)
    Montalvo Summer Nights
    Salsa Night

    Join us on our beautiful Garden Terrace for a summer evening of live salsa music and dancing. Meet from 6-7pm for an optional beginner’s dance class in the historic ...

  • Mrugen Rathod & Sandhya Bordewekar Gajjar FRI JUNE 29, 2018 7 P.M. (Lucas Artists Program Commons)
    Open Access
    Documenting the Creative Process
    with Guest Curator Sandhya Bordewekar Gajjar and Guest Artist Mrugen Rathod

    During the creative process, important materials, processes, research, and ideas are often developed that ultimately may not make their way into a finished work. The process itself can be illuminating ...

  • Illustration Art MON, JUNE 18 - FRI, JUNE 22
    Illustration Art

    The creative challenge is to translate the written word into visual narratives, bringing stories to life! Students will learn various rendering techniques and—using pencil, charcoal, pastels, pens, and paint—create illustrations for the books ...

  • You Can Ukulele MON, JUNE 18 - FRI, JUNE 22
    You Can Ukulele

    Small, light, and easy to play, the ukulele has a signature sunny sound. Students will spend the week joyfully plucking away on this tiny titan of tone, learning basic chords to play a multitude of ...

  • Spy Camp: Art Heist MON, JUNE 18 - FRI, JUNE 22
    Spy Camp: Art Heist

    Students’ mission—if they choose to accept it—is to master the art of espionage. But before they can enter the field, they will need to earn their spy license by developing key sleuthing skills ...

  • Meet the Masters: Pop/Op Art MON, JUNE 18 - FRI, JUNE 22
    Meet the Masters: Pop/Op Art

    Drawing inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein, Wayne Thiebaud, Victor Vasarely, Peter Max, and Romero Britto, students will work in a variety of mediums such as oil pastels, watercolor, silk painting, and more, creating art inspired by ...

  • Fashion Design MON, JUNE 25 - FRI, JUNE 29
    Fashion Design and Collection Development

    The perfect class for aspiring fashion designers! Students will create their own collection and upcycle an existing outfit to transform it into something new. The week will culminate with a runway display of their ensembles ...

  • Fortitude MON, JUNE 25 - FRI, JUNE 29
    Fortitude: Collaborative Fort Building

    Aspiring architects will master basic building principles by working in a team to create a large-scale fort out of natural and man-made materials. Collaboration and imagination will be integral to their success.

  • Cooking Up Fun! MON, JUNE 25 - FRI, JUNE 29
    Cooking Up Fun

    A mix of cooking and visual arts makes this class a hands-on feast of fun for aspiring chefs. Young gourmets will learn about nutrition, hospitality, and kitchen safety, and bring home lots of tasty recipes ...

  • Woodworking MON, JUNE 25 - FRI, JUNE 29
    Woodworking: Sculpting with Wood

    Come learn how to use hand tools to craft dynamic three-dimensional sculptures from wood. Instruction will include tool safety and training while exploring hand-cutting, sanding, application techniques, and finishing processes. Students will display their creations ...

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