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  • Taro Hattori, BEGINNING WED, FEBRUARY 15
    Rolling Counterpoint

    Montalvo Arts Center is pleased to announce the debut of its Lucas Artist Program's newest commission: Rolling Counterpoint, a project by artist Taro Hattori. The work, which draws on the tradition of the Japanese teahouse, is envisioned as a physical and virtual space for encounter and dialogue about belonging and division in contemporary society. Rolling Counterpoint will travel to three Bay Area cities in ...


  • Los Gatos Plein Air 2017 SAT JUNE 17, 2017 11 A.M. (Los Gatos Town Plaza)
    Los Gatos Plein Air
    Fine Art Exhibit, Sale, & Festival

    All ages are invited to enjoy a fine art exhibit, sale, wine tasting, and art activities. The public and artists will gather at the Los Gatos Town Plaza to view the framed paintings from the week, which are on display ...

  • Starry, Starry Night THU JUNE 22, 2017 6 P.M. (Park Grounds)
    Starry, Starry Night

    Back by popular demand this summer: Montalvo’s nighttime summer arts festival inspired by mankind’s abiding fascination with the skies and beyond. Explore space through art-making activities, music, films from outer space, and more. Delicious boxed dinners will be ...

  • Meet the Masters: Starry Night MON, JUNE 19 - FRI, JUNE 23
    Meet the Masters: Starry Night

    Drawing inspiration from legendary art movements, students will create their own masterpieces and gain a deeper understanding of the elements of visual art. Guided exercises, careful looking, and musical inspiration will all enhance the process and encourage self-expression. This fun-filled session is a week-long journey ...

  • Tinker Time MON, JUNE 19 - FRI, JUNE 23
    Tinker Time: Space Exploration

    This summer, tinkering is literally out of this world! Using design processes, campers explore a new, space-themed project each day—like designing the room of a spaceship, making an automaton, or creating a glowing paper circuit inspired by the planets and stars. Students will also ...

  • Plankton to Constellations MON, JUNE 19 - FRI, JUNE 23
    Installation Art: Plankton to Constellations

    Go from micro- to macro- in this exciting sneak peek into the world of exhibition installation. The infinite scope of intergalactic constellations meets with the microscopic world of plankton in artist Michele Guieu’s immersive intergalactic installation Plankton to Constellations, a work brought to life ...

  • Space Quest: Race to Space MON, JUNE 19 - FRI, JUNE 23
    Space Quest: Race for Space

    It’s time to shoot for the stars! First, campers will design their own model spaceship. Next, they will pick a planetary object, learn about its atmosphere, and design a colony model fit for the harsh environment of outer space. Students will present their models ...

  • Amazine: The Art of Comics MON, JUNE 26 - FRI, JUNE 30
    Amazine: The Art of Comics

    This introductory course will teach students the complete set of techniques needed to create and illustrate compelling characters and stories, just like the ones in their favorite comic books. At the start of the week, campers will learn about the important aspects of character design ...

  • Out on a Limb: Become a Treehouse Master! MON, JUNE 26 - FRI, JUNE 30
    Out on a Limb: Become a Treehouse Master

    Students will learn about architecture, engineering, and natural materials as they design and build a treehouse on the grounds of Montalvo! Campers will locate a building site, develop a sketch of their proposed tree house, and then turn their design into a reality as they ...

  • Strokes of Genius MON, JUNE 26 - FRI, JUNE 30
    Strokes of Genius: Painting Technique

    Color, form, line, shape, texture, value, volume: they are the basic elements of all visual art. This fun beginner’s class will give campers the opportunity to explore these principles as they apply to painting. Students will also learn how to use various paints and ...

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