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  • Taro Hattori, BEGINNING WED, FEBRUARY 15
    Rolling Counterpoint

    Montalvo Arts Center is pleased to announce the debut of its Lucas Artist Program's newest commission: Rolling Counterpoint, a project by artist Taro Hattori. The work, which draws on the tradition of the Japanese teahouse, is envisioned as a physical and virtual space for encounter and dialogue about belonging and division in contemporary society. Rolling Counterpoint will travel to three Bay Area cities in ...

    Now Hear This! An Exercise in Listening

    Now Hear This! features five newly commissioned site-specific works of sound-based art by distinguished national and local artists Taraneh Hemami, Walter Kitundu, Hugh Livingston, Shane A. Myrbeck & Emily Shisko, and Stephen Vitiello. Drawing inspiration from Montalvo’s natural and manmade environments, participating artists will present immersive soundscapes and interactive sound sculptures that invite visitors to experience Montalvo’s grounds in new ways and listen more ...


  • A Summer Luncheon WED JULY 26, 2017 NOON (Front and Side Verandas)
    Summer Luncheon

    The Montalvo Service Group is once again pleased to host its famous series of summer luncheons. Dine al fresco on the front and side veranda of the Villa, just as visitors did nearly a century ago! Bring your friends and ...

  • Chasing Coral SUN JULY 30, 2017 4 P.M. (Carriage House Theatre)
    Chasing Coral
    A Screening Presented by OneReef

    "A triumph of both visual and narative storytelling" - The EconomistCoral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. From award-winning director Jeff Orlowski comes Chasing Coral, and the first time-lapse camera to record bleaching events as they happen ...

  • Out on a Limb: Become a Treehouse Master! MON, JULY 24 - FRI, JULY 28
    Out on a Limb: Become a Treehouse Master

    Students will learn about architecture, engineering, and natural materials as they design and build a treehouse on the grounds of Montalvo! Campers will locate a building site, develop a sketch of their proposed tree house, and then turn their design into a reality as they ...

  • Art from Around the World MON, JULY 24 - FRI, JULY 28
    Art from Around the World

    Students will embark a trip through art, history, and geography as they explore the creative traditions of Africa, Asia, Oceania, and more. Along the way, they will make sculptures, prints, metal work, and jewelry inspired by the traditions of each culture. At the end of ...

  • Spy Camp: Art Heist MON, JULY 24 - FRI, JULY 28
    Spy Camp: Art Heist!

    Campers’ mission—should they choose to accept it—is to master the art of espionage. But before they can enter the field, they will need to earn their spy license by demonstrating mastery of key sleuthing skills like collecting clues, decoding messages, physical training, and ...

  • Cooking Up Fun! MON, JULY 31 - FRI, AUGUST 4
    Cooking Up Fun

    A mix of cooking and crafts makes this class a hands-on feast of fun for aspiring chefs. Students will begin by getting the low-down on kitchen safety, then learn how to follow recipes to make delicious, nutritious foods. After the cooking is done, they will ...

  • Intro to Video Production MON, JULY 31 - FRI, AUGUST 4
    Introduction to Video Production

    Campers will bring a story to life through the magic of motion pictures as they collaboratively produce an original short film set on Montalvo’s beautiful grounds. They will start the week by working together to write their film scripts, then move on to learn ...

  • The Wonderful World of Wizards MON, JULY 31 - FRI, AUGUST 4
    The Wonderful World of Wizards

    This celebration of all things magical is a one-way ticket to Hogwarts. Using the Harry Potter book series as our inspiration, campers will sort into houses, experience the excitement of attending wizarding classes, compete in House Cup challenges, play Quidditch, and bring to life their ...

  • Meet the Masters: The World of Abstract Art MON, JULY 31 - FRI, AUGUST 4
    Meet the Masters: The World of Abstract Art

    Drawing inspiration from legendary art movements, students will create their own masterpieces and gain a deeper understanding of the elements of visual art. Guided exercises, careful looking, and musical inspiration will all enhance the process and encourage self-expression. This session is an equal challenge for ...

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