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Terms & Conditions: Classes

Montalvo Arts Center

In consideration of the opportunity afforded by the Montalvo Arts Center ("MONTALVO") for me/us and/or my/our minor child for whom I am guardian to participate in MONTALVO's Art Class ("Class"), I/we agree to the fullest extent permitted by law, to defend (with attorneys acceptable to the indemnitee), indemnify, protect and hold harmless MONTALVO, the members of MONTALVO's Board of Trustees, and all officers, employees and agents of MONTALVO, from and against any and all damage, loss, claim, liability and expense, including attorneys fees, witness  fees and other legal costs, incurred directly or indirectly by reason of any claim, suit or judgment brought by or on behalf of any person or persons for damages, loss or expense due to, but not limited to, bodily injury or property damage sustained by such person or persons which arises out of my/our or my/our minor child's participation in the Class, provided that this indemnity shall not apply to any damage, loss, claim, liability or expense caused by the sole negligence or willful misconduct of MONTALVO or its Trustees, officers, employees, or agents. 

I/we further authorize the use by MONTALVO of any and all photographs or footage taken of me/us or such minor child ("Photograph") in connection with any works which may be produced and/or used by MONTALVO. I also consent to the use of my/our likeness or my minor child’s in connection with promotional activities related to the Photograph; release any and all claims that I/we or my/our minor child may have in connection with the Photograph; waive any right that I/we may have to inspect and/or approve the Photograph; and assign, to the extent that I/we have any, all right, title and interest, including any copyright, in the Photograph to MONTALVO.

I/we also give consent to MONTALVO to seek and authorize any medical care or treatment needed for me/us or my/our minor child on an emergency basis.