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Night Photography: Workshop #3

Painting with Targeted Light

March 6, 2019

VENUE: Barn Art Studio


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Night Photography
Photo: Ken Fong

About the instructor, Ken Fong:

Ken Fong has been a creative photographer for most of his life, starting in the film days with "instamatic," 35mm, and medium and large format cameras. Today, he is a passionate landscape photographer who teaches students how to get beyond the simple snapshot so that they can discover and develop their own creative eye for photography. Ken teaches photographic composition classes and workshops in California, Iceland, Japan, and Hawaii.

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Rescheduled date!

What does it mean to “capture” light? How do artists use light as a medium to create completely original works?  In this new series of night photography workshops, students will learn the technical basics of shooting in low or high contrast light as well as how to move beyond documentary style photographs into artistically manipulated images by using lens movements, flash fills, and other experimental methods. These workshops take place during Munro exhibition hours to fully take advantage of the light installations as both subject and inspiration.

Students are asked to bring a camera with manual controls, a sturdy tripod (along with the adapter to mount the camera to the tripod), a cable release for the camera, a standard zoom lens (24-70mm), (recommended but optional: an ultrawide zoom lens, a longer telephoto lens greater than 100mm), and an extra camera battery. Please wear dark clothing.

Workshop #3: Painting with Targeted Light

This course introduces students to the use of long exposures and supplemental light to create photographic compositions.  Students will be using either precise pen lights pointed into the camera, or relatively softer colored lights pointed toward the subject. 

Course Contents:

  • Composition and Techniques relevant to the evening’s activity
  • Using Bulb Mode
  • Ideal exposure and settings
  • Light painting
  • Targeted lighting through strobes, grids and snoots
  • Optional post-processing suggestions (stacking compositions…do one work in several takes)

Additional items to Bring: A lens cover, possible audible stopwatch or phone app, any favorite light painting tool (LED penlight, no flammables or laser pointers allowed)

Montalvo will provide: Snoots, grids, extra penlights, flashlights.

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