Work, Worries and Revolution

Is music inherently political?  Is the best use of music as an agent of change overt of subversive? Is a song that tells the story of a man’s suffering more effective, or a better song, than a song that tries to solve that man’s suffering? These are the sorts of questions that I, as a composer and a curator often ask myself. In 2004, I approached these issues more directly in my own work, composing an oratorio about the life and times of Joe Hill, the famous songwriter and labor activist.  Work, Worries, and Revolution continues this dialogue by looking at classic American blues and folk music, music of social movements, and the works of composers who marry the personal with the political, intentionally or not. -- Wayne Horvitz, Music Curator

Events to date include an overview of Chicago Blues and an evening with Richard Thompson, with more exciting events on the horizon. Please continue to check the Montalvo website for more exciting concerts that are part of Work, Worries and Revolution.