Brain Dump

Manifesting Your Creative Ideas

Thursday, January 28, 2021, 6PM - 8PM


VENUE: Online

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Brain Dump
One possible approach to a "Brain Dump." Image courtesy Silvia Abisaab

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This event will take place online through Zoom. Prior to the event, registrants will receive a link and password via email, as well as additional instructions if necessary.

Have you ever felt an overwhelming buildup of creative thoughts and ideas? Have you always wondered how you can simply declutter your mind and spill these ideas out? One efficient and effective practice for releasing all of the contents of your artistic mind is a brain dump

In this fun online workshop, you will learn how to unravel your thoughts: artistic ideas, potential projects, personal tasks, memories, and more – and collect them onto the page in collage-like form. Through timed, prompted exercises, you will be encouraged to quickly draw, write, and build a mini body of pieces that will act as a portfolio of opportunities to move forward with. You will also learn to become more aware of how to creatively release, organize, and act to achieve new goals and projects.  

At the end of the workshop, you will have achieved a brain dump, and you’ll be ready to push your creativity in new directions – or fill your mind with fresh ideas with a plan for how to make them a reality!


Please prepare for this online class by ensuring you can secure the necessary materials. Download this packet with the materials list, links to purchase any necessary items, and other helpful information for class.

About the instructor, Silvia Beatriz Abisaab:

Silvia Beatriz Abisaab is an artist, administrator, and community member based in the greater bay area, California. She works in the Education Department at Montalvo Arts Center. In 2016, Silvia received her BFA in Photography at the Kansas City Art Institute. From 2016-2019, she utilized photo and video to collaboratively work with individuals and organizations in the greater Kansas City community.

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