Dreamers' Circus

Thursday, April 22, 2021, 7:30PM

Premier: $50
Reserved: $45

VENUE: Carriage House Theatre

Add Parking: $15

Montalvo Box Office: 408-961-5858
Service fees may apply and are non-refundable.
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To allow us to adapt to future health mandates for indoor events, we have temporarily capped sales to all Carriage House shows.

We remain hopeful that we will be able to offer all of these performances in person as scheduled. If you have tickets, be aware that we may need to adjust seating to accommodate social distancing, and we will notify you of any other changes that might arise.

“...a luminous concert that spoke to all senses” —GAFFA

This young Danish trio is a new driving force in Nordic world music. Contemporary and endlessly innovative in their approach, they draw inspiration from the deep traditions of folk music in the region and reshape them into something bright, shiny and new. 

Viewing their traditional roots as a point of departure rather than a constraint, their adventurous attitude coupled with outstanding musicianship has brought Dreamers Circus to the forefront of the Nordic folk and world music scene.

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