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Identity Development through Art

Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 4PM - 6PM


VENUE: Historic Villa

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Identity Development through Art
Photo: David Gonzalez

About the instructor, Celena Turney:

Celena Turney, Arts Education Consultant, is an international performer and multi-disciplinary teaching artist with over 30 years’ experience teaching in classrooms, museums, and arboreta. Her classes and workshops provide unique learning opportunities for children, their families, teachers, and administrators that focus on bringing self-expression, creativity, and community into daily life – both within and beyond the classroom. Currently, she consults for the California Alliance for Arts Education, is Director of Tutor Doctor of the Peninsula, and recently served as Curriculum Specialist for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula.

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This hands-on workshop provides teachers with an integrated learning lesson plan for middle and high school students. The lesson is designed to help students uncover their personal values to discover how they contribute to their identity. A series of social-emotional learning (SEL) activities lay the foundation for students to create vision board collages that represent their evolving aspirations as they transition into young adulthood. The final component allows students to reflect upon the process, crafting artist statements that illustrate moments of personal growth, awareness, confidence, and creativity. Teachers participating in this workshop will make their own vision/values board collage and discuss implications for the classroom.