Open Access
Open Air Electronica
A Performance by Nicole Lizee, Ben Reimer, and The Living Earth Show

This event is presented as part of Montalvo Arts Center’s program series, Open Access—your opportunity to connect with Artists Fellows and Guest Artists at the Lucas Artists Program. This program is designed to offer audiences a behind the scenes view into how artists generate ideas, as well as showcase works in process and fully realized new work. Open Access offerings include conversations, performances, screenings, and culinary events. It also has a virtual presence as an online blog and archive. Find out more at

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 7 p.m.

Free for Montalvo members: Call 408-961-5849 or email Chris Wilcox to RSVP.

VENUE: Lucas Artists Program Commons

Described as a “brilliant musical scientist,” JUNO-nominated composer Nicole Lizée creates music from an eclectic mix of influences including the earliest MTV videos, turntablism, rave culture, Hitchcock, Kubrick, 1960s psychedelia and 1960s modernism. She is fascinated by the glitches made by outmoded and well-worn technology and captures these glitches, notates them and integrates them into live performance.

This new performance on Montalvo’s grounds will develop from Lizée’s collaborative work with multi-instrumentalist Ben Reimer and the musical duo The Living Earth Show at the Lucas Artists Program. Ben and Nicole’s mutual research will explore how the natural surroundings can serve as performance spaces and tools. Some techniques may include creating natural filters by burying devices and experimenting tin reverb and panning through spatial placement of devices and musicians. Their collaborative work with The Living Earth Show will result in the first in a series of new works titled the WandererArt collection, in which Nicole will present distorted interpretations of location or geographic based art forms (while on location) from her perspective as an outsider or outlander. Volume 1 will delve into SoCal surf culture, experimenting with the visual and sonic semiotics of the genre. The work will develop either as an installation or multimedia piece using field recordings collected and manipulated on site in the Bay Area. The project is mobile and site dependent; it is intended to be built quickly and is propelled by the immediacy of the sights, sounds, and emotions experienced while gathering source material. In addition, Lizée will also discuss her work on a multimedia opera based on Karel Capek’s Rossum’s Universal Robots, and how this 1920 science fiction play relates to our current context of rapidly advancing technologies and recent developments in AI. 

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