Open Access

Thursday, April 30, 2020, 6PM - 9PM


VENUE: Lucas Artists Program Commons

Free On-Site Parking.

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Lucas Artists Residency Program
Photo: Nathan Zanon
This event is presented as part of Montalvo Arts Center’s program series, Open Access—your opportunity to connect with Artists Fellows and Guest Artists at the Lucas Artists Program. This program is designed to offer audiences a behind the scenes view into how artists generate ideas, as well as showcase works in process and fully realized new work. Open Access offerings include conversations, performances, screenings, and culinary events. It also has a virtual presence as an online blog and archive. Find out more at

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Open Access is the signature public series of events presented by our Lucas Artists Program (LAP). These engaging evenings are designed to offer you a behind-the-scenes view into how artists generate ideas, showcase works-in-progress and fully realized new work, and provide a forum for critical conversations.