Mingwei Lee and Stephan Freid: Grandfather's Incline

Sunday, November 15, 2009 - Sunday, February 21, 2010

VENUE: Project Space Gallery

AGENCY : The Work of Artists

A new arts initiative curated by Julie Lazar and presented by Montalvo Arts Center

Mingwei Lee is a visual, performance, installation and public artist and he joins frequent collaborator, architect Stephan Freid, in designing a proposal for a permanent public artwork called Grandfather’s Incline (working title). Lee’s vision for Grandfather’s Incline is a narrow, 80-foot long suspended wooden platform that extends beyond the hillside at a slight incline hovering above the nearby Garden Theater and historic Villa. A single potted tree is situated at the far end of the platform providing a shady, contemplative space for hikers to rest, refresh themselves and to experience a unique view of Silicon Valley. If completed, this sculpture will be located at a parting between ancient oak and redwood trees along a popular trail within Montalvo’s communal parklands.

Nov. 15: Art in Public Spaces: Artist Mingwei Lee, Architect Stephan Freid and Curator Julie Lazar in Conversation

Read Ariel Swartley's story on Mingwei Lee and Stephan Freid's project. Ariel Swartley is AGENCY's resident writer.




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