Inspired by theories of temporality, spatial politics, and the radical imagination, Woodgate creates sculptural works, public interventions, and interactions that generate and imagine new landscapes. These transform socio-political phantoms into generative proposals for re-organizing space and present ways of interacting with and in them. Observing the relations between space and politics in a world of reduced and privatized space, her projects often convert surplus material and fantasies of outmoded objects and places into new possibilities for perception and action. Her practice is process-oriented and context inspired, resulting in works that playfully test the tension between the viewer and reality. In projects like Hopscotch—an ongoing street intervention—and—an online, nomadic, bilingual radio station—sidewalks and airwaves are seen as available and underused common spaces. Both projects find their origins in military functions, yet their civic use has served and enhanced public imagination globally and across generations. In projects like New LandscapesThe Ballroom, and Kulturpark, maps and abandoned sites become representations of an ever-changing ecology and a cartography that urges for a new assessment in the use of the land and its buildings. Read more at