Lucas Artists Fellow

  • PRACTICE : textile arts, culinary arts, organic gardening
  • FROM : USA

My vision is to create a stunning model for sustainable agriculture.

Eden brings gardening, nutrition, and cooking into her experiences with children. An organic gardener for 30 years, her wares have found their way to a Reagan White House luncheon and supplied the first organic high stall at Seattle's Pike Place Market. She recently moved to California and together with her partner carved garden beds out of a mountainside, putting in fencing and watering systems to establish year round food production. She also volunteers at the Love Apple Farm, furthering her study of biodynamics and the microclimates and wildlife of the Santa Cruz Mountains. She recently published a cookbook featuring the recipes of a Bed and Breakfast where she worked in Eastern Washington.

In Fall 2009, I was contacted by Michelle Fuerst, the culinary artist in residence at Montalvo. A “Locavore,” she was looking for a local grower to enhance the dinners she creates to nurture the artists. It’s not just the food; it’s the connection between people. Since then, I have been supplying her with specialty produce on a weekly basis. The relationship has inspired my gardening, introduced me to artists, and led to a deeper connection with Montalvo.

In addition to providing local organic produce to the Lucas Artists Residency Programs at Montalvo, Eden presented a fava bean cooking demonstration for Montalvo’s 2010 Arts Splash! Open House & Student Arts Festival. She recently joined the Montalvo Service Group and is a 2010 Provisional.

Eden Israel studied Early Childhood Education and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Textiles from the University of Wisconsin. She holds a post graduate Teaching Credential from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, CA, and is certified to teach in both Washington and California. She home schooled her 3 sons for their elementary years was a team teacher for a community school. She developed a Creative Dramatics program for kids as well as arts and crafts workshops, and has a myriad of experiences as a substitute for PreK-12 academics.

Eden interned with a Transcendental Meditation program for children and is currently a Registered Yoga Teacher. She has a small design business for clothing, jewelry and home accessories. In the summer when she’s not gardening, she stitches costumes for Shakespeare Santa Cruz. To top it off, she plays the ukulele and takes much pleasure in sing alongs. She plans on bringing all these talents to camp and mixing up a great recipe for Fun With Food.