• RESIDENCY DATES : Jun 20th 2016 to Jul 17th 2016 | Jun 3rd 2017 to Jul 4th 2017 | Jul 20th 2017 to Jul 22nd 2017
  • PRACTICE : Visual Arts
  • FROM : USA
  • INSTAGRAM : @jonasntbecker

Becker is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose photography and video installations explore the formation of cultural mythologies around specific sites and geography, collapsing what we see with what we hope, fear, or believe. He is particularly interested in scientific hypotheses, utopian manifestos, religious beliefs, and other forms of collective desire. He uses camera, editing, and projection to destabilize these myths, disrupting normative signifiers of space and time. He has exhibited internationally, most recently in solo shows at the Craft & Folk Art Museum, the Lancaster Museum of Art and History, LAXART, and Shulamit Gallery in LA. In addition to his studio practice, Becker is founding director of the Mobile Pinhole Project, an organization that uses a giant, mobile pinhole camera to bring photography workshops to children in neighborhoods across Los Angeles. Read more at