Lucas Artists Fellow

  • RESIDENCY DATES : Jul 1st 2014 to Jul 31st 2014 | Jul 1st 2015 to Sep 28th 2015 | Apr 4th 2016 to Apr 28th 2016 | Sep 6th 2017 to Sep 20th 2017 | Feb 18th 2019 to Mar 4th 2019 | May 25th 2019 to May 30th 2019 | Dec 6th 2019 to Dec 15th 2019 | Dec 12th 2019 to Dec 20th 2019
  • PRACTICE : Mixed Media/Painter
  • FROM : USA

Guided by an interest in deepening one’s understanding of place, Monica Lundy threads together historical research and studio practice. Her curiosity about lesser-known histories is paired with her curiosity about unconventional painting practices. While her thematic focus revolves around subjects who exist on the periphery of society—and places whose histories have become obscured over time—Lundy’s technique focuses on the space in which an image breaks down into obscurity or physical degradation. Lundy’s mixed-media paintings bridge painting and installation, abstraction and figuration.  Her work ruminates upon the dispossessed, memory, and the corrosive nature of time. 

Lundy was a recipient of the Jay DeFeo Award in 2010, a SFMOMA SECA Nominee in 2012.  Her work has been featured in ARTnews, The Huffington Post, Visual Art Source, The San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, and Square Cylinder, among other publications.  She lives and works in Oakland, California.