Summer 2008 Programming

Montalvo Arts Center

As Montalvo continues its transition to becoming an arts center that focuses on engaging people in contemporary concerns through arts, some changes in programming have been made. This transition began last summer, with a more diverse selection of performances, and has continued through present day. Having recently announced its new mission, Montalvo is pleased to announced three commissioned works, incubated and created here in our artist residency.

Focusing our performance efforts on commissioned works is very exciting for the organization, and we hope the community will come out and support the creation of new work by attending the programs.  These new works provide visitors with a wide range of performance styles. Other events will be announced in June that reflect Montalvo’s mission to create thematic programming that engages people in contemporary concerns through the arts.

Montalvo’s current commissions include:

  • Divide Light – this is a world premier opera that is incredibly unique, and was actually created by a visual artist. It’s based on the poems of Emily Dickinson and includes Del Sol String Quartet, The Choral Project and operatic solos, along with stunning costumes and visual elements by artist Lesley Dill.  Aug. 13
  • Kim Gordon Meets Phantom Orchard – Another world premiere! Founding member of Sonic Youth Kim Gordon collaborates with Phantom Orchard, which consists of laptop artists Ikue Mori and harp innovator Zeena Parkins. This commission by leading women from the alternative music scene is sure to be an incredibly unique evening of music. Sept. 26

It is Montalvo's goal to offer more to the community so in order to incorporate it all, some changes were made with a focus on expanding the role of the arts and artists in our community. 

Did you know? 

  • Montalvo Arts Center's Teaching Artist Fellowship program was established in 2007, and it’s the first national award of its kind dedicated to professionals in the teaching artist field.
  • Montalvo's newest exhibition has opened in the Project Space. Come see Urban Design and the Next Generation

Montalvo will continue to present concerts in the Carriage House and Garden Theatres. We will grow our seasons as we implement a new programming philosophy and if any additional shows are added to the summer line-up we will announce them promptly on the web site: