Global Climate Clock Initiative


The Climate Clock Global Initiative is a multi-year endeavor that will culminate with the production of a major art installation that measures and tracks climate change. The Climate Clock Global Initiative is a collaboration between FUSE:_ cadre/montalvo artist research residency initiative, 1stACT and the City of San Jose Public Art program in cooperation with ZERO1. All organizations are in the preliminary stages of executing this project, which will be installed in downtown San Jose.

Initiative Milestones

  • Issued a worldwide a solicitation for for Conceptual Design Proposals in January 2008
  • Selected a Jury composed of public art professionals, curators, scientists, technologists, engineers, architects, and thought leaders on climate change selected seven artist teams in February 2008.
  • Held a Colloquium on Climate Change and Public Art in June, 2008
    Seven semi-finalist teams were invited to a three-day colloquium at San Jose State University. Presentations by artists, scientists and technologists provided the artists with additional information about the science of climate change, influencing behavior, data management, and new technologies. Speakers came from academia, National Laboratories, and industry. On the second day each team presented their qualifications and ideas for building a climate clock. On the third day, the jury reviewed the presentations and conceptual designs, and selected three, semi-finalist teams.
  • Exhibited the Conceptual Designs at the 2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge (01SJ)
  • Provide Artist-in-Residency Commissions for the Three Finalists for the Development of Final Proposals
    The three finalist teams will have about nine months to develop final, site-specific designs. They will spend some of the time living and working at the Montalvo Center for the Arts. During their residency, the artists will interact with scientists at our universities and engineers at Silicon Valley-based companies. The artists will also contribute to educational programs at the CADRE Laboratory of San José State University.
  • Select a Jury and Choose the Best Work in mid-2009
    The jury will be composed of public art professionals, curators, scientists, technologists, engineers, architects, and thought leaders on climate change.
  • Exhibition of the three finalist designs at the 3rd Biennial ZERO1 San Jose, 2010
    The budget for the work will be in the order of $15 million. Fundraising will begin soon after the release of the Request for Concept Design Proposals.

Roles of Participating Organizations

  • The City of San José will provide a site and funds for on-going maintenance of the work.
  • San José State University will play a leadership role in building relationships with businesses and foundations for fundraising.
  • FUSE:_, in partnership with the Montalvo Arts Center and CADRE at San José State University, will host the artist-in-residence program.
  • 1st Act will support the development of the advisory committee and participate in fundraising.

Leadership Team

Joel Slayton, ZERO1, CADRE & FUSE, San José State University
Kuniko Vroman, FUSE, San José State University
Lisa Scoffield, San José State University
Barbara Goldstein, City of San José
Kim Walesh, City of San José
Walter Rask, San José Redevelopment Agency
Connie Martinez, 1st Act
Erika Justis, 1st Act
Steve Dietz, ZERO1
Gordon Knox, Stanford Humanities Lab
Kelly Sicat, Montalvo Arts Center
Seth Fearey, Connected Communities