By RoCoCo

Location: Great Lawn

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RoCoCo’s new work continues its ongoing exploration of forgiveness. Situated on the vacant pedestal alongside the three statues at the foot of the Great Lawn near the entrance of the Italianate Garden, Forgiveness, The Misplaced Grace imagines an addition to the three graces, often referred to as beauty, charm, and creativity. Forgiveness as a grace adds to our humanity in a way that the classical virtues cannot. Just as there is a missing statue at the foot of the Great Lawn, forgiveness seems to be missing in our daily discourse and is difficult to visualize given the current state of our often graceless the world. RoCoCo's project focuses on this coincidence in the context of reviving grace and cultivating a season of compassion, building upon prior projects that all started with a simple question: what does forgiveness look like?