Location: Creekside Studios

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Over the course of a week, students set out to design and build a hideout in the trees. They employed various building techniques using specific tools to accomplish the work, and then embellished their space with details reflecting each of them as an individual and collectively as collaborators. The project was both a design challenge as well as a playful exploration of habitable space.

Student Artists: Brian Bell, Arist Chelemengos, Lucy Do, Avin Dorsay, Drew Dudek, Anna Dymchenko, Jon Falkenburg, Maya Farkas, Brayden Fergason, Jacob Fergason, Katie Fung, Tommy Fung, Justin Gabel, Avantika Gokulnatha, Giancarlo Gollotti, Gianna Gollotti, Gia Hong, Ariel Huang, Melody Jing, Max Kisin, Julian Lin, Greta Liu, Nicholas Murray, Shayna Roskoph, Maia Rowan, James ‘Pete’ Sheridan, Glen Slawecki, Caleb Sparks, Krystal Steiner, Kylee Steiner, Kerstin Vallejo, and Jonathan Veis.