Carriage House Tech Info

Montalvo Arts Center

Welcome to Montalvo Arts Center. Below is some information that will help make your production go as smoothly as possible.

Important Contact Information

Robert Garrett - Theatre Manager
Email -
Phone - 408-961-5855

Tim Reeve - Public Performances Manager (talent programming & booking, contracts, comp tickets)
Office - 408-961-5817
Contact Tim Reeve

Julie Thorne (Box Office)
Office - 408 961 5858
Fax - 408 961 5826
Contact Julie Thorne


Montalvo Arts Center
15400 Montalvo Road
Saratoga, CA 95070
Main fax - 408 961 5850
Day of show - after hours (box office) 408 961 5858

Montalvo is situated in a county park. The park is open every day until 4:30 on Carriage House show days.


Visit the directions page.

Tour Buses

Montalvo is limited to the amount of buses we can park at the main house. During Carriage House Theater events, we can park 2 buses beside the villa.

There is shore power (45 amps, 4 wire, 2 hots, ground and neutral, 120/208) there for 2 buses.

Please let the Production Manager know of your bus arrival time, so that we may meet the bus in Parking lot 1, and instruct the driver how to reach the villa. The bus will be parked in such a way that at the end of the night, they will have a clean access to leave, but to accomplish this, we will need the bus to reverse up to the main house. It is not hard to do, but we will be happy to work with your driver to help him in any way.

All buses must be in place no later than 1 hour before doors, as we will need to close the entry road to allow the bus to reverse.

Tour Bus Departure Directions

Go straight down lawn
At fire road, go straight
At Intersection of gate, go straight
At end of driveway, proceed straight through intersection
At "T" intersection (Mendelsohn St.), go right (note: stay in center, as there are trees overhanging the street. Also, the turn is a sharp 90 degree, so give yourself some room)
The next intersection is Highway 9, Saratoga-Los Gatos Road
Turning right will take you to Los Gatos and highway 17
Turning Left will take you towards Saratoga, Saratoga Ave, and Highway 85

Dressing Rooms

There are 2 dressing rooms in the theatre, each with a toilet.

Production Office

If you need access to the web/email, please let the Production Manager know and he will try to get you access. Any incoming faxes should be directed to 408 961 5826. This fax line is located in the Performing Arts department office.


Montalvo will be glad to sell your product for you, with a 20% charge, but will only sell until the end of intermission You can sell, with Montalvo taking only 15%, and you can sell up to 1/2 hour after show time. Sales reports are handled through the Public Performance Manager. Please contact him with a fax number and they will be faxed to you on the next business day.


All payments are made by Montalvo check, unless prior arrangements have been made. The accounting office will need 7 working days advance notice to be able to provide cash payments. Cash payments will have a $5,000 limit, unless other arrangements have been made.


Montalvo is very limited to the number of parking spaces available. Please contact the Production Manager with the amount of spaces you will need for your guests, band and crew.


We typically provide a dinner buy-out as we have limited facilities available.

Since we are in a County Park, we are unable to provide any hard alcohol. We will provide beer and wine per rider spec.

Stage Hands

Please contact production manager if hands are necessary.

Carriage House Theatre Stage

The CH stage (performance space) is 25 ft across by 20 ft deep, with a downstage drop off height of 2 ft. There is 12 ft stage height from the floor to the ceiling. There is access downstage left to dressing rooms.

Carriage House Theatre Stage Map

See a map of the stage.

Sound System

Main Sound System

  • 4 JBL 4892 2-way enclosures, flown 2 per side
  • 2 JBL AS1028 subwoofer enclosures
  • QSC power amplification
  • 24 pr snake
  • BSS Omnidrive drive processor
  • FOH drive rack with EQ, compression, and CD/Cassette playback
  • Clearcom intercoms
  • 4 JBL Monitor speakers, with 4 channels of EQ
  • A+H GL 3300 mixing console
  • 4 - DBX 166
  • 2 - Beringer noise gates
  • Yamaha SPX 90
  • Lexicon Alex
  • Yamaha D2500
  • Yamaha REV5
  • CD, DAT, MiniDisc, Cassette Playback
  • -3 JBL Control *'s as center cluster on matrix feed
  • -2 JBL control 8's as lower front fill on matrix feed

Lighting System

View the lighting plot.

Load In/Out

Loading dock situated in parking lot #3.


Since Montalvo is situated in a residential area, we are under a court-ordered curfew. On Sunday through Thursday nights, the acts must be off stage by 10pm; on Friday and Saturday, the acts must be off stage by 10:30pm.


If necessary, Montalvo will provide both all access, and after show passes, if you are not carrying. Please let the Production Manager know what your needs will be.

Guest Lists

Since Montalvo offers limited in on-site parking, we ask that you provide your list as early as possible.

Complimentary Tickets

We will provide the number of contracted complimentary tickets, with reserved seats. Any additional tickets can be purchased from the box office, based on availability.


If we are contractually obligated to provide rooms, please contact the Public Performance Manager with your requirements.

Ground Transportation

Once again, if we are contractually obligated to provide ground transportation, please contact the Production Manager.

Box Office Receipts

These can be arranged by the Public Performance Manager.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the Montalvo personnel.

Stage and Dressing Room Accessibility

Stage Access:: from Outside through South Side of CH:
-- Outer Outside Dressing Room/Stage door: 34.5"
-- Inner Outside Dressing Room/Stage door: 32.5"
-- Door from Inner CH/Red Chair area -to- Dressing Room Hallway: 33.5"
-- Door from Dressing Room Hallway -to- Stage: 33"

Big CH Dressing Room:
-- Door from Hallway into Dressing Room: 35"
-- Door from Dressing Room into Bathroom: 32.5"

Small CH Dressing Room:
-- Door from Hallway into Dressing Room: 27.5"
-- Door from Dressing Room into Bathroom: 29"