Garden Theater Tech Info

Montalvo Arts Center

Welcome to Montalvo. Below is some information that will help make your production go as smoothly as possible.

Important Contact Information

Robert Garrett - Theatre Manager
E-Mail - 
Phone -  408-961-5855


Montalvo Arts Center
15400 Montalvo Road
Saratoga, Ca. 95070

Montalvo is situated in a county park. The park is open every day, until 4:30 on Garden Theater and Carriage House show days. As such, there may be guests walking by the stage during Garden Theater load-in, set-up, and some sound checks.


For directions click here.

Site Map

For a map of the grounds surrounding the Garden Theatre click here (PDF).

Tour Buses

There is shore power (45 amps, 4 wire, 2 hots, ground and neutral, 120/208) at Montalvo for 2 buses. Buses unable to hook up to shore power will not be allowed to use a generator.

Tour Buses Departure Directions

Go straight down lawn
At fire road, go straight
At Intersection of gate, go straight
At end of driveway, proceed straight through intersection
At "T" intersection, go right on Mendelsohn (note: stay in center, as there are trees overhanging the street. Also, the turn is a sharp 90 degree, so give yourself some room)
The next intersection is Highway 9, Saratoga-Los Gatos Road
Turning right will take you to Los Gatos and Highway 17
Turning Left will take you towards Saratoga, Saratoga Ave, and Highway 85

Garden Theatre Stage

The GT stage is 58 ft across by 26 ft deep, with on downstage height of 1 ft, and an upstage height of 4 ft. There are 2 access stairs upstage left and right. There is a Tomcat-style PRT truss roof, supporting sound and lights, covered in a shade cloth covering.

Stage Dimensions

-downstage tower to downstage tower - 47 ft 2 in
-downstage tower to upstage tower - 22 ft 10 in

Front of House (FOH) Position

FOH to downstage edge - 91 ft 1 in
FOH mix position - 12 ft 9 wide by 7 ft deep by 8 ft tall

Truss Trim Height

The trim height is 19 ft.

Garden Theatre Stage Map

For a map of the stage click here.

Load In/Out

This takes place to the right of the house, as you come up the main driveway, immediately past parking lot 2. The distance to the stage is no more than 120 ft.

Monitor Mix Position

Mix position is situated stage left. We can also provide 200 amp three phase service via Cam-lock tee's.


Since Montalvo is situated in a residential area, we are under a court-ordered curfew. On Sunday through Thursday nights, the acts must be off-stage by 10 pm, and on Friday and Saturday the acts must be offstage by 10:30.

If your act likes to have meet and greet the audience members after the event, please keep in mind the curfew, so that any guests are using the shuttle service are able to return via shuttles to their cars.

Sound Levels

Montalvo is under a strict court mandated noise limit. There is a sheriff on site to adhere to this limit. We will adhere to this limit. At F.O.H., the limit is 90 db.(a) weighted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the Montalvo personnel.