Residency Dates
  • Sep 1st 2009 to Oct 29th 2009

Los Angeles musician Geoff “Double G”
Gallegos is known for “re-designing” the conventional hip-hop
sound. Working with his 70-piece daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra, Double G
combines the electronic rhythms of hip hop with jazz and classical
music to create a new sound that seems to test the boundaries of
traditional musical genres.

Initially trained at Boston’s Berklee
College of Music as a saxophone player, Double G soon discovered his
talent as a conductor and composer. Throughout his early career,
Double G regularly played the saxophone at underground hip hop clubs
while at the same time working under the tutelage of maestro Larry
Baird. It was during this time
that Double G began to explore the possibility of bringing together
formally and informally trained musicians to create a new sound.

In 1999, upon moving to Los Angeles,
Double G co-founded daKAH, which debuted as a 23-piece orchestra at Santa
Monica’s Temple Bar. In the last decade, daKAH has expanded greatly
and has become known for its blending of musical genres and cultural
sounds. The daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra has now grown into an eclectic
group of musicians, combining the more traditional orchestral
instruments of strings, horns and percussion with turntables and
vocalists. Under Double G’s direction, the Orchestra has played at
venues including The Walt Disney Concert Hall, UCLA’s Royce Hall,
and the Hollywood Bowl.

In addition to working with the daKAH
Hip Hop Orchestra, Double G produces and arranges for well-known
contemporary musicians including Outkast, India Arie, John Frusciante and Everlast.
He has also completed work for companies such as Nike and Scion, and
he has worked on films such as Dreamworks’ Head of State.