If you are interested in joining our team of outstanding community volunteers, complete an online information form today.

"I am honored to be a member of the volunteer team as it is a privilege to dedicate my time to the Montalvo vision and legacy. I greatly appreciate the life long friendships I have made with staff, fellow volunteers and guests. Viva Montalvo!" –Sherri G.

Our volunteers range in age from 12 to 80+, and come from many different backgrounds with a variety of skills. What brings them all together is a love for the arts, a dedication to Montalvo and the desire to have fun. Volunteers have important roles in all of Montalvo's arts programs and in our offices. Their time and hard work go a long way to supporting Montalvo and the arts in our community.

Montalvo has two main groups of volunteers:

Montalvo Service Group

Our volunteer auxiliary organization, the Montalvo Service Group, is dedicated to promoting the best interests of Montalvo and enhancing the quality of the arts programs through personal service. Members of the Montalvo Service Group donate their time to support many programs, as well as host their own events and raise funds to maintain and preserve the Villa and surrounding property. New members are selected for the provisional class at the start of each new year. Search now for dates and times of upcoming events! For information on joining the Montalvo Service Group, call 408-961-5823 or email.

Community Volunteers & Interns

Comprised of nearly 600 individuals of all ages, our large corps of volunteers support a wide variety of ongoing projects and episodic events throughout the year. New volunteers are welcome at various times throughout the year. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to read more about how you or your group may get involved as Montalvo Volunteers.

Education and Training for Community Volunteers

Volunteers are Montalvo's ambassadors and are expected to be knowledgeable about the organization, grounds and programs. General information and training are provided to all new volunteers. Specific education and training for some positions may follow general training as required.

The general information and training series consists of approximately four hours in two sessions: the first is a self-study review of the Volunteer Guidebook, and the second part a small group meeting at the Montalvo. Information shared includes Montalvo’s history, Senator James Phelan, current arts programs and how you may be involved; review of basic policies and procedures, including emergency information; learn what to expect when you volunteer your time, what we expect and ask of volunteers, tour the Montalvo grounds, and more. To get information about our next training class, call 408-961-5828 or email.

This year, orientation meetings for new volunteers will be offered on Saturday, January 20 from 9:30-11am and on Monday, March 19 from 6-7:30pm. Please RSVP at least one week in advance to receive materials and instruction for the self-study section.

Please Note: Advance reservation is required. All meeting dates, times and locations subject to change or cancellation. Additional training and/or background check may be required for some positions.

Read about some of our volunteer and internship opportunities or complete a volunteer application.