Residency Dates
  • Jan 26th 2017 to Feb 19th 2017
  • Feb 9th 2018 to Feb 25th 2018
  • Oct 26th 2018 to Nov 18th 2018

Woodgate’s practice investigates the ways in which the poetic-politics of infrastructure organize public and private space. In 2011 she co-founded radioee.net, a nomadic, multi-lingual, online radio station, focusing on mobility, migration and transportation as its core themes. Currently she is working on large public commissions for the design of Miami-Dade county sidewalks.

Woodgate graduated from Universidad Nacional de Artes, Argentina in 2004. Since then, she has exhibited internationally and has received honors and awards including a Knights Art Challenge; the Florida Prize for Contemporary Art; South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship and grants from NALAC, Art Matters and Joan Mitchell Foundation. Her projects have been commissioned by the 9th Berlin Biennial; Bienal de las Américas, Denver; ArtPort, Tel Aviv; PlayPublik, Poland; DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Washington; The Bass Museum of Art, Miami; Storefront for Art and Architecture, MN; and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.