Residency Dates
  • Dec 6th 2010 to Feb 28th 2011

 lives in
Oakland, California, and collaborates with communities
and individuals in the Bay Area and abroad. 

She currently teaches at  Contra Costa College’s Metas Program, where high school
students in Richmond, California, and Colima, El Salvador, are working together to
design public artworks and gestures around violence prevention and personal
well-being. Their projects together have included a set of laser-etched doors,
which will be installed in informal housing in Colima in 2011, and an upcoming
garden project titled “What is a smell photograph?” Some of their collaborative
work may be seen at metapuentes.wordpress.com

recent collaborations have included a residency with B’Art Center in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, supported by CEC Artslink; a
partnership with women’s communities in Rwanda in collaboration with General
Architecture; and collaboration in OPENrestaurant’s upcoming event OPENwater, a
restaurant and advocacy space scheduled to pop up in Alameda for two days in
November of 2010.