Residency Dates
  • Jan 1st 2015 to Feb 1st 2015
  • Jul 1st 2014 to Jul 31st 2014
  • Sep 17th 2015 to Sep 28th 2015
  • Jan 23rd 2016 to Jan 25th 2016
Fieldworks Collaborative (Trena Noval and Ann Wettrich)

Ann Wettrich mixes experiential art practice with
writing, teaching and consulting in the realms of organization and program
development in the arts and education. 
Her interests range from natural to social and cultural systems. Growing
up in the woods outside Cleveland, making forts and observing wild life, she
uncovered Native American paths and arrowheads. Wettrich witnessed the
disappearance of trees and fragile ecosystems along with the growth of suburban
enclaves during the awakening civil rights movement. Mysteries, questions and
concerns sparked in these early days continue to propel her research and
projects.  Her investigations manifest in the form of interactive installations,
public events, multi-media productions and publications. Notable work includes
the Aviary Commute series and the Building Instinct
 both offering opportunities for the public to playfully explore
inter-species intersections, habitats, transportation and linguistic
systems.  At Montalvo, she is teaming up
with fellow Fieldwork Collaborative artist Trena Noval to create a series of
pop-up academies and social experiences that employ pedagogical strategies to
explore place.

Wettrich teaches at the
California College of the Arts (CCA).  As a consultant she is
currently working on projects that engage the arts to transform depleted public
education systems and that cultivate international relationships, dialogue and
understanding. She is an active member of the Alameda County Arts Commission
and serves on the executive and public art committees. A seasoned art education
leader, Wettrich worked for many years incubating community arts and education
initiatives as a director for the CCA Center for Art & Public Life and art
education officer for the San Francisco Arts Commission.