Ashley David, MFA/PhD, is an interdisciplinary artist and poet-writer who travels widely and has lived and worked in the U.S., Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, and Poland. She combines techniques and traditions from ethnography, poetry, visual art, digital media, theater, performance, community arts, and scholarship to create socially engaged work. She asks, “If everything we do every day, is considered art, how do we perform our lives?” and her pieces are often intended to catalyze conscious democratic participation by exploring, disrupting, and nuancing power relationships and binary oppositions as they intersect with heritage, history, landscape, globalization, and everyday life. Poems, essays, and art have been featured in HyperallergicBlack Sun LitConjunctionsThe Offending Adam, The Southern Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Mid-American Review, Alimentum, Center, Greensboro Review, Hanging Loose, South Dakota Review, Toad, Verse, and Women’s Studies Quarterly. Scholarship appears in peer-reviewed journals and anthologies. She was a Pre-doctoral Resident-Artist Fellow at the Vermont Studio Center from 2011-2012 and served as the founding editor of the Michigan Quarterly Review Blog from 2010-2014, as the editor-in-chief of Mandala Journal from 2009-2011, and as the founding curator of the Bernal Yoga Literary Series in San Francisco from 2002-2004.