Residency Dates
  • Sep 1st 2005 to Nov 30th 2005
  • Apr 1st 2006 to May 31st 2006

Ashok’s recent work examines possibilities between human habitat and “embedded” technologies: the physical and social sites of digital media. In adopting the view that many new-media technologies are not fundamentally new, his projects often imagine a ãwhat could have beenä across the disciplines of interactive art, early and pre-cinema, and architecture. He is currently developing a series of works that deal with the intersection of wireless systems and the electrical grid. His work has received several awards internationally, most recently the UNESCO Digital Arts first award, 2005. While at Montalvo, Ashok is developing a large-scale outdoor artwork for ISEA 2006, supported by Sun Microsystems. The work is being developed as a “line-of-sight network”, a consideration of the terrain between human and machine sensing.