Residency Dates
  • July 2007 – September 2007

Ati Maier lives and works in Berlin and Brooklyn, New York. Her vividly detailed drawings of imagined galaxies, exploding stars, stratified terrain, and free-floating space stations are done in colored ink and wood stain on paper. Her skillful mix of Fauvist color, Bauhaus design, and images culled from old books, channel surfing, and the Internet heighten the indeterminate time frame of her narratives. In each drawing, Maier renders a different mental map in which fantastic imagery and magical relationships form dreamlike worlds where anything seems possible. At once nostalgic and futuristic, her whimsically elegant drawing style recalls outmoded sci-fi visions from a bygone era, while her euphoric imagery suggests the promise of brighter days.

Maier was born 1962 Munich, Germany and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Maier has had recent solo exhibitions at Pierogi in Brooklyn, New York (2003) and Dogenhaus Galerie in Leipzig, Germany (2002). Selected group exhibitions include Public Notice at Omni International Arts Center in Ghent, New York (2004); Art Forum Berlin 2004 at Julie Saul Gallery in Berlin (2004); Hier Und Jetzt at Galerie Anita Beckers in Frankfurt, Germany (2004); drawing on landscape at Gallery Joe in Philadelphia (2003); and MARKERS at the Venice Biennal (2001).