Turkish artist Berfin Ataman explores the influence of human-made systems, such as society, culture, and architecture, on our perception of the non-human. She also explores how this perception could shift as technology becomes a bridge between humans and these non-anthropomorphic beings and objects. Ataman sheds light on the neurological and psychological effects of interacting with non-humans through technology and how our societal and cultural background affects our perception. Her art seeks to prompt deeper reflection on these complex relationships and their potential implications for the future. Ataman has a diverse range of expertise in the areas of digital and physical fabrication, as well as mechanical and interactive systems. Her art has been showcased at CICA Museum and A+D museum in Los Angeles. Ataman received the Design Award from the Architecture and Design Museum. She holds a BFA in Theatre Design from USC, her Post-Baccalaureate degree from the School of Art Institute Chicago, and her MFA from UCLA, Design Media Arts. She is currently a lecturer at UCLA.