Residency Dates
  • February 2013 – April 2013

Carmina Escobar is a vocalist, sound, and intermedia artist from Mexico City whose work focuses primarily on sound, the voice, the body, materials, images, technology and the interrelations of them all. She has collaborated in many different projects that explore a diversity of sonorous languages such as contemporary music, medieval music, opera, folk music, improvisation, electronic music, and experimental trends involving interdisciplinary collaborations, and new technologies.
In her personal work Carmina integrates interdisciplinary and multimedia elements such as video, body motion, abstract narrative, and the real-time processing of sound from organic and inorganic sources. She makes use of concrète elements through electronic media in order to cause situations and generate new routes to create dialogues and points of encounter through free improvisation, experimentation, and her experience with the academic study of different forms of music. All of this as a means to explore the areas in which intuition and consciousness appear as common elements in the individual’s imagination.