Residency Dates
  • Apr 1st 2011 to Jun 30th 2011
  • Feb 21st 2012 to Feb 26th 2012
Climate Clock

Caroline Lewis is a lecturer in social science in the Teacher Education program at Croydon College of Higher Education, as well as a lecturer in psychology, sociology and social policy in the Open College Network. She trained as a psychologist at University of Wales and University of London and has worked as a psychotherapist. As a visiting lecturer at Goldsmiths’ College London, she researched the role of psychosocial conflict in psychopathology in the department of Psychiatry at Charing Cross Hospital, London.

Her areas of interest include behavior and attitude change, applied social cognitive approaches to social experience and attitude formation, and socio-cultural double-binds on psychosocial conflict and attitude formation relating to global climate change, which lead to her work as a Behavioural Science Consultant as part of the Climate Clock initiative with Rob Davis and Usman Haque.