Residency Dates
  • Jan 1st 1970 to Jan 1st 1970

Treggiari’s artistic
practice strives to investigate how art can enter the public realm in a way
that connects wide ranges of people and neighborhoods in a variety of
communities. He highlights diverse community identities, shared histories, and
personal stories through participatory, mobile platforms that encourage
exploration from the viewer. Often these platforms entail creative methods that
aim to turn the passive viewer into an active art-maker who can participate in
sharing a personal voice in a community dialogue. Treggiari’s work has
been on view at such venues as the Venice Biennale 2012 American Pavilion; the
Torrance Art Museum; the Getty Museum; Berkeley Art Museum; Yerba Buena Center
for the Arts; the San Jose Museum of Art; The Oakland Art Museum; and the ZERO1
Biennial. He has received grants from the Puffin Foundation; the San Francisco
Arts Commission; the Creative Work Fund; the Arts Commission of San Jose; The
Seattle Center Foundation, and the Zellerbach Foundation. He is currently a
teaching artist in-residence at the Center for Art and Public Life at the
California College of the Arts. Read more at christreggiari.com.