Residency Dates
  • Jul 25th 2018 to Aug 31st 2018
Kaimera Productions

 David Bengali is a theater and multimedia designer based in New York. In close collaboration with the other project creators, he will be responsible for the design of the physical production, (projections, lighting, environment, etc). He has designed theater, opera, and dance Off-Broadway, Regionally, and internationally, and has worked as an associate designer on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Regionally. Recent design credits can be found on his website, linked below. David holds a BSE in Computer Science with a Certificate in Theater and Dance from Princeton University, and an MFA in Design for Stage and Film from NYU Tisch. He is a current Arts Fellow at the Lewis Center for the Arts of Princeton University, where he is also teaching a course titled Technologies for Storytelling in the Performing Arts. David is a firm believer that deep collaboration is key to to creating relevant, affecting works of performance, and that breaking down perceived boundaries between fields, in methods and in content, is key to both the creation and audience reception of artworks in the 21st century renaissance. Although technology is a critical tool in David’s work, he seeks not to drive story from what technology can do, but rather to ask questions about what stories we wish to tell, and determine from that starting point how technology can serve art. He strives to create work that derives its energy from the most ancient form of storytelling: live humans sharing physical space with one another. DATAPRINT is a project of New York- and Paris-based Kaimera Productions, which creates original performances and live experiences that blend theater, music, dance, multimedia, visual arts, and more. David is a frequent collaborator of Kaimera Productions, and of its founding members Simón Adinia Hanukai and Jonathan Camuzeaux.