Residency Dates
  • Aug 1st 2004 to Aug 31st 2004
  • Sep 7th 2007 to Sep 18th 2007
  • Oct 3rd 2008 to Oct 11th 2008
  • Mar 30th 2015 to Apr 6th 2015
  • Feb 1st 2018 to Feb 10th 2018
  • Dec 16th 2018 to Dec 18th 2018

Benoit’s recordings encompass a wide range of jazz-inflected styles, from contemporary pop to straight ahead bebop, orchestral, and hip hop. Among the highlights of his discography are 1988’s Every Step of the Way, nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Jazz Fusion” category; 1989’s Waiting for Spring, which for eight weeks topped Billboard‘s traditional jazz chart; and 1992’s Letter to Evan, a heartfelt tribute to the late jazz piano giant, Bill Evans.