Residency Dates
  • Jul 25th 2018 to Aug 31st 2018
Kaimera Productions

David Kuelz is a freelance writer and narrative designer based out of New York City. He began his career as a storyteller in theater, receiving a BFA in Musical Theater from PACE University before transferring his passion for narrative design over to the games industry.

Since then, he’s worked on close to a dozen games – everything from mobile games to virtual reality – though his specialty lies in designing abstract story structures that, without the use of the latest technology, were previously impossible.

As one example: A favorite title of his – Starship Commander – is a virtual reality game that uses no controller. Instead, the game is played through speech recognition technology; the player physically speaks to the characters, and the characters respond to the player in turn. The game is played through conversing with the non-player characters. David both designed the dialogue trees and plot structure of a game where the player can respond to the characters, literally, any way they’d like and at any point in time.

David is the narrative designer and writer of Dataprint; his responsibilities center around how to provide the audience with engaging, meaningful forms of interactivity that both influence the story happening around them but also create an enjoyable game. He will also create the majority of written content in the piece.