Residency Dates
  • September 2006 – June 2007

Doron Hanoch is a visual artist and a holistic chef. Born and raised in Jerusalem, he lived through the army and the religious conflict, traveled the Far East for 2 years and returned to Israel to study art. He then moved to Italy to study photography and learn about the fashion world. In 1998 he opened his photography studio in New York City, where fashion work met his art projects through the investigation of body, beauty and mind.

The beauty of the human figure is Doron’s primary interest. He investigates the relationship between body and mind, how one affects the other, how people interpret their visions and express their thoughts through movement and body language. Doron’s deep interest in the human condition has also led him to study and practice Zen meditation and philosophy as well as Yoga.

His search for bringing peace and joy to body and mind brought Doron to the culinary world, where he now seeks to create art for consumption, art that brings joy, satisfaction and wellness to body and mind.

He completed his studies at the Natural Gourmet, Institute for Health and the Culinary Arts in New York and has worked in New York’s celebrated restaurant “Pure Food and Wine” as well as at various retreat centers. Inspired by the healing power and energy of food, Doron has also begun to pursue his Nutritional Consultant certification and is currently studying at the Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz.

Doron works with organic, sustainable, and local materials to create food that is pleasurable as well as healing, and healthy for the environment. He draws from his cultural roots as well as his extensive world travel to create a unique fusion of eastern, western and Middle Eastern cuisine.