Residency Dates
  • Oct 1st 2014 to Oct 20th 2014
OneBeat 2014

Esteban Copete is an el Chocó, Colombia-based performer.
Growing up in el Chocó, Esteban grew attuned to the rapid cultural shifts
developing in urban centers in Colombia, and became fascinated with the
preservation and evolution of indigenous culture. While teaching himself
traditional instruments, such as marimba de chonta, Esteban studied saxophone
at University of Valle Music School and abroad at the Bellas Artes
Conservatory, Mexico. In 2008, Esteban founded Kinteto Pacífo, an ensemble
incorporating Colombian folk music, traditional Afro-Caribbean rhythms and
contemporary electrified instrumentation. The group’s music embraces positive
pacifist message and addresses urban violence and other issues facing their
community. Esteban Copete was formerly the director of Grupo Ancestros, an
award-winning bossa nova, jazz and rock-influenced group.