Residency Dates
  • August 2005 – August 2005

Eva Davidova (b.1969, Sofia, Bulgaria) works with the displacement and manipulation of elements – spaces, words, and bodies. Dissociating meanings, and playing with visual paradoxes and unnatural movement, she tries to question the origin and purpose of an image or an action, to take events out of their routine, and to confront viewers with their own, not previously digested, interpretations.

From 1987 Davidova has been exhibiting painting, installation, photography and video in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Germany and New York. She has taught visual arts at the Architecture School’s Sommeracademie at Wismar University and has received grants from The Delfina Studios, the Shearwater Foundation, the Mapfre Foundation and the French government’s “Casa de Velazquez” in Madrid.

Davidova is also the art director for the Spanish film “Sindrome”, several short films, commercial TV spots, and has produced video pieces for musicians and architects. She is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Madrid. 

At the Lucas Artists Programs, Davidova will be working for an exhibition to be held next October at Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, where she will be representing Bulgaria in a project of the European Community.  Her focus for this exhibition will be to investigate the relationships and boundaries between Bulgarian society before 1989 seen through childhood, and the one in creation after that. The work will develop in images and situations that avoid the “real” but which rather build direct personal associations and connections.