Residency Dates
  • Oct 1st 2014 to Oct 20th 2014
OneBeat 2014

Vocalist Fidel Kilic, born in the diverse and historic city
of Mardin in Southeast Turkey, came into the world as the 17th and last son of
Kurdish farmer parents. His mother was a dengbêj, a term in Kurdish oral
culture that denotes people who sing-speak epic stories, so he was inspired
from an early age to perform. It was at the Boğaziçi University Folklore Club
(BÜFK) in Istanbul that he began exploring his voice in earnest, learning the
vocal traditions of Kurdistan, Turkey, the Balkans, Greece, Armenia and
Georgia. After meeting the acclaimed folk music band Kardeş Türküler (Songs of
Fraternity) at BÜFK, he became part of a community of artists that includes
renowned musicians such as Arto Tunçboyaciyan Aynur, Ara Dinkjian and
Christopher Tin. Kardeş Türküler’s album Çocuk (H)aklı (featuring Fidel as a
vocalist) was nominated for a Grammy under the “Best World Music Album”
category in 2011. The group also became involved in the Occupy protests in
Taksim Square, with their protest video “Tencere Tava Havasi”
attracting over two million YouTube plays. Fidel is currently working on a
theater production focusing on the peace and conflict resolution process in
Turkey and plans to see his project staged in 2015.