Residency Dates
  • Apr 30th 2013 to May 31st 2013
Germany/British Columbia

Through his practice of sculpture and installation, Gareth Moore questions and reconstitutes the status of found materials and objects, seeking to acknowledge the margins of authorship within the production of a work of art. His work dislodges the distinctions between art and everyday activity, creating sculptural narratives that are enacted materially and socially. Employing a careful economy of means, Moore extends the capacity for value and meaning within objects that are otherwise discreet, reflecting an interest in the recovery of that which goes discarded or unnoticed.

Gareth Moore was born in Matsqui, British Columbia and currently lives and works in Berlin. Forthcoming solo exhibitions will take place at Bielefelder Kunstverein (2011); International Project Space in Birmingham (2012); and Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver (2012).
In recent years, he has been actively exhibiting his work in Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Ireland, Canada, and the USA.