Residency Dates
  • September 2006 – October 2006

In two recent monographs, Strange Attractor by Raphael Rubenstein, and Drawn to Sublime by Nancy Princental the work of Heide Fasnacht over the past decade is detailed. Rubenstein explains that “By turning her attention to instability in all its realms. Fasnacht has created, in the mediums of sculpture and drawing, a kind of poetics of catastrophe. The phenomena of explosions, volcanic eruptions and, on a smaller more personal scale, sneezes were all explored prior to 9/11 in large scale drawings and sculptures.

Since that date a new development emerged in her work; an exploration of the flux inherent in our build environment. The urban environment seen over time being erected, deconstructed, redeveloped. These large scale installations made of adhesive tape interact with the built environment in which they are placed.

Heide Fasnacht is represented by Kent Gallery in New York City, by Bernard Toale Gallery in Boston, and by Galeria Trama in Barcelona. Her work is in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Dallas Art Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Fogg Museums at Harvard and the Yale Gallery of Art among others. She has exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art NYC, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, North Carolina Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum of Art at Equitable Center.