Residency Dates
  • Jan 1st 1970 to Jan 1st 1970
New Zealand

Johnson is a pianist
and composer whose work centers largely on extended and prepared piano
techniques, concentrating on the timbral qualities of the instrument and
drawing out different voices with contrasting patterns or phrases in different
registers. She also plays the pipe organ, the electric organ, and the violin.
She works with a variety of artists across different genres and has created
music for film, dance, and theatre. As an improviser, she has played with
many seminal musicians from New Zealand and overseas, and has toured Europe,
Asia, Australia and New Zealand as both a soloist and in collaboration with
others. Her compositions have been performed in Europe and Australia, and by
the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Stroma Contemporary Music Ensemble, and as
part of the Asia Pacific Music Festival. Read more at sounz.org.nz.