Residency Dates
  • Jul 25th 2017 to Aug 11th 2017
  • Aug 22nd 2017 to Aug 31st 2017
  • Oct 16th 2017 to Nov 30th 2017
  • Feb 2nd 2017 to Mar 31st 2017
  • Mar 16th 2016 to Apr 3rd 2016
  • Oct 27th 2014 to Nov 24th 2014
  • Nov 26th 2014 to Dec 25th 2014
  • Apr 1st 2018 to Apr 30th 2018
  • Feb 1st 2018 to Feb 7th 2018
  • Mar 9th 2018 to Mar 15th 2018
  • Jun 26th 2018 to Jul 21st 2018

Hersh is a US based composer who has received many awards for his work from
such organizations as Meet the Composer, the American Symphony Orchestra
League, the American Composers Forum, ASCAP, the Puffin Foundation, the Rex
Foundation, and the Irvine Foundation. Howard’s works have been performed at
venues that range from the Tanglewood Festival to Grace Cathedral in San
Francisco, from European concert halls to the California Vietnam Veterans
Memorial. Together with his composition work, Howard has founded and directed
many new music groups, including the San Francisco Conservatory New Music
Ensemble, and served as Music Director of KPFA-FM. His latest CD of solo and
ensemble works Dancing in the Pink House
was released this year. Howard was awarded a Lucas Artists Fellowship in 2014.