The works of Indira Allegra (Turtle Island/USA) draw from investigation of inner space, animism, and the ritual, relational and performative aspects of weaving. As a conceptual artist and recognized leader in the field of performative craft, Allegra takes weaving off the loom and uses it as a framework to make projects, performances and installations. Allegra’s use of tension as creative material allows projects to work as a social psychopomp exploring the transformative poetics of death, memorial and regeneration. Allegra’s work has been featured in ARTFORUM, Art Journal and Emergency Index Vol. 8, and in exhibitions at the Museum of Arts and Design, the Arts Incubator (Chicago), John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Center for Craft Creativity and Design and the Museum of the African Diaspora, among others. Allegra’s writing has been featured in Theater, TEXTILE: Cloth and Culture, American Craft, Manual, Cream City Review, Foglifter Journal and HYSTERIA Magazine, among others. They have been the recipient of numerous awards including the United States Artists Fellowship, Burke Prize, Gerbode Choreographer Award, Art Matters Fellowship, Mike Kelley Artist Project Grant and Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Award. They work in liminal spaces.