Residency Dates
  • Nov 29th 2015 to Dec 13th 2015

Jenny Donovan is an interdisciplinary artist based in the
Tijuana-San Diego border. Her work addresses the ontology of boundaries and liminal
spaces through presence/absence phenomena. She
works between literary (writing and translation) and visual practices to
grapple with power relationships embedded in gender, race, sexuality, language,
and geography: borders that we all constantly negotiate. She works in and
through these disciplines to complicate our daily relationship to the ways
power mutates and culturally limits the individual, and through the individual,
the collective. Her process of making work is about intimate, small gestures
that can infiltrate and complicate larger circuits of information; it is a
movement toward thinking through the body that seeks to counteract the violence
inherent in certain gestures, such as naming, by breaking them down and using
poetic space to reconstitute them in a way that allows us to see beyond the

Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States
and Mexico at spaces including the Centro Cultural Tijuana, El Museo de Arte
Carrillo Gil in Mexico City, and the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art in La
Jolla, Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco and El Museo Nacional de La
Ciudad de México in Mexico City, among other