Residency Dates
  • Oct 1st 2005 to Aug 31st 2006
  • Dec 3rd 2009 to Jan 11th 2010
  • Jan 6th 2014 to Jan 17th 2014
  • Nov 2nd 2016 to Nov 13th 2016
  • Dec 28th 2016 to Mar 31st 2017

Jessica Theroux comes from both a culinary and artistic background. Her artistic background involves a year-long photographic residency at the Maine Photographic Workshops, and a degree in Visual Arts from Brown University. On graduating from Brown, Jessica was awarded the Arnold Fellowship to spend a year in Italy documenting culinary traditions through film and photography. She chose to do this by recording the cooking, lives, and stories of elderly women in thirteen of the Italy’s regions.

Jessica earned her culinary degree at The Natural Gourmet in New York City. She has cooked at a number of renowned healing centers, including The Chopra Center and the Kushi Institute for Macrobiotics. Since returning from Italy in the spring of 2005, she has been working as a private chef and culinary instructor. Jessica is excited to share with Montalvo her passion for cooking gourmet meals with locally and sustainably grown produce.

See some of Jessica’s recipes.