Kaye DeVries holds a BA in Music and Psychology from Chapman
University. She has studied with Zo Hau Rosnay, Edna Garrabedian, and
Caterina Micieli. Kaye’s personal teaching philosophy is rooted in her belief that
everyone can sing. She says, “It is a matter of discovering the
student’s personal voice and developing it by working on technique and
through various styles of music.”

With over thirty years of experience teaching private voice, Kaye has
been a choral director for fifteen years. Kaye performs with the San
Francisco Opera, the San Jose Symphony and Opera, the Marin Opera and
Symphony, the Portland Opera, the Carmel Bach Festival, the Oakland
Symphony, the Modesto and Fresno Symphonies, and in community concerts
for Columbia Artists. A well-known Bay Area singer, Kaye has been a finalist in both the
Metropolitan Opera and San Francisco Opera auditions, and has performed
throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South

Beyond music, Kaye is interested in beekeeping, gardening, cooking,
and travel. She has been to over fifty-three countries. She is a native
of Los Angeles and a current resident of Cupertino.