Residency Dates
  • Oct 24th 2016 to Jan 3rd 2017
  • Jul 19th 2017 to Jul 22nd 2017
  • Jan 1st 1970 to Jan 1st 1970
  • Aug 17th 2019 to Aug 30th 2019

Chessa is a composer,
conductor, performance artist, pianist, and musical saw/Vietnamese dan bau
soloist. He has been awarded multiple commissions for performance projects
by institutions such as New York City’s Performa and the San
Francisco Museum of Modern Art
He  presented a series of events at the Teatro Colón in Buenos
Aires to celebrate the Art of Noises Centennial; has been
featured in the PSI International at Stanford University; and performed with
Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong at Houston’s CAMH. His Orchestra of
Futurist Noise Intoners (OFNI) 
was hailed by The New York
 as one of the best events in the arts of 2009 and is touring
internationally. In 2014, he presented three concerts at the Guggenheim
Museum in New York, as part of a retrospective dedicated to Italian Futurism.
His reading of Marinetti’s 1909 Manifesto and poetry to
accompany Jen Sachs’s videos was a part of the exhibition installation. Two
additional videos by Chessa/Sachs have been on view at Los Angeles’s Getty
Museum for the exhibit WWI: War of Images, Images of War. Read more
at sfcmp.org.